Music Data, Discovery & Innovation

Learn how data can help you innovate, grow and increase revenue in your music business...

...and if you're an eligible business located in the Coast2Capital area, apply for a grant of up to £20,000 for a music data project.

Sessions start in:

    Learn how data can power your music business. If you're an eligible business, freelancer or sole trader you can go on to apply for grant funding of up to £20,000 for music data projects in the Coast2Capital Economic Development area, funded by Superfused Collaboration Awards.

    Thursday 22 October

    • Introduction To Copyright And Ownership (1pm - 2pm)

    • The Basics Of Music Data (2pm - 3pm)

    • Organising Music Data (3pm - 4pm)

    The Music Data, Discovery and Innovation Sessions are designed to help music businesses - and other people or businesses working with music - get to grips with how they can use data - and why you don't need to be a data expert to benefit.

    Bringing together a range of experts and practitioners who are working with data and music on a daily basis, MDDI will present and discuss ideas and techniques you can use in your own business to make data-driven decisions to help drive innovation, enable intelligent decisions - and increase revenue.

    Friday 23 October

    With a huge range of different data sources that music businesses can access, data overload can be a real issue.

    We look at what data is available, how to work with different data, and what data is most valuable when - and why.

    • What Does "Data Driven" Really Mean? (2pm - 3pm)

    • Accessing And Using Customer, Fan And Audience Data (3pm - 4pm)

    • Making Money Through Data (4pm - 5pm)

    Our live zoom sessions give an opportunity to meet "face to face" with music data experts, and ask questions about your own data and business.

    These sessions will also be available as on-demand videos as soon as they have taken place.

    On Demand Sessions

    We've also created a number of stand alone "on-demand" sessions that give background that is helpful for the live sessions. In these we also take a look at specific data projects that have previously taken place as part of the DRIVA Arts DRIVA initiative to help inspire your own projects.

    • Making Data Into Music

    • AI & The Future Of Music

    • Creative Enterpreneurialism in the Music Business

    • Music Data & Discovery

    Anyone completing 12 hours of engagement through the MDDI sessions - and located in the Coast2Capital area - is eligible to apply for a Superfused award of up to £20,000 to help develop music data projects.

    The Music Data, Discovery & Innovation Summit is presented by CMU Insights and made possible through the generous support of DRIVA Arts DRIVA.

    DRIVA Arts DRIVA is a £1.3m University of Brighton research project funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 and Arts Council England that aims to support technology SMEs, creative arts practitioners and cultural organisations to innovate with data.


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    Look out for an email from with further details. As these sessions are being funded project funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 and Arts Council England it's a requirement that you create a DRIVA Arts DRIVA profile before you access the sessions.

    Full details are coming to you in an email right now!

    Who is eligible to apply for a Superfused Award?

    If you are a business that is classed as a Small or Medium Enterprise ("SME") based in the Coast2Capital area you may be eligible to apply for a Superfused Award.

    Eligible SMEs are trading entities, which:
    • Employ fewer than 250 people
    • Have an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million or a balance sheet not
    exceeding €43 million
    • Are not engaged in a restricted sector according to the state aid regulations and
    ERDF requirements. Sectors that are not eligible are: Fishery and Aquaculture; Agriculture; Coal, Steel and Shipbuilding; Synthetic Fibres; Education; Banking and Insurance;
    • Have received less than €200,000 in public grants over three years (GBER Article 28)
    • Sole traders and not-for-profit organisations and charities do qualify as long as they meet the SME definitions and restrictions above.

    There is more detailed information available on the DRIVA Arts DRIVA Superfused Awards page.